Friday, July 20, 2007

Share Point FAQ

Q: What is Windows Sharepoint (WSS)?
Ans: Windows sharepoint is new technology, which is available in the form of service on Windows 2003 server. It uses CAML (Collaboration application markup language) Wss is more content management based with document libraries and lists.

Q: What is Share Point Portal?
Ans: Windows share point portal offering features like global navigation and searching.

Q: What is document library?
Ans: A document library is where you upload your documents, they consists of row and columns with links to the documents

Q: What is meeting workspace?
Ans: Documents workspace consists of information surrounding a single or multiple documents.

Q: What is a web part?
Ans: Web parts are nothing but the integrated controls which perform some specific task. In short web part is nothing but xml queries to full sharepoint list or document.

Q: What is web part zone?
Ans: Web part zone consist of zonetemplate, and it is nothing but a container in which we can drag and drop user control.

Q: What is DWP?
Ans: DWP is nothing but name of web part file extension

Q: What are various kinds of roles user can have?
Ans: 1. Reader: Has read only access to the web parts
2. Contributer: Can add content to existing document libraries and lists.
3. Web Designer: Can add content to the existing document libraries and lists
4. Administrator: Has full control of the web site

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