Monday, February 11, 2008

How to run AX after changing the network domain

Question : I have a system with a clean installation of AX , after I change the domain I am not able to run AX. So i have to reinstall the AX.

Answer :I solved it by editing the UserInfo table, replacing theNetwork user, Network domain and SID fields with values from a user in thenew domain.


CCNA said...

I am facing the same problem.

Please guide me how to get the SID of the domain users and how to update the relevant information into userinfo table

waiting for your earlier response.

please sent me an email to mentioned below email address:

waiting for your earlier response.

Best Wishes.


Aman said...

How to find SID : open registry editor and click HKEY_USERS in left pane to expand it. There in left pane itself you will find the SID of users.